Gift a child a trail run at Ida's Valley


On the 26th February 2022, the Ida’s Valley Nature Area (IVNA) and neighbouring historical Stellenbosch suburb of Ida’s Valley, will play host to it’s first ever trail running race, and in doing so officially become part of the six-stage Trail Series® Super League planned for 2022.  

The Ida’s Valley is steeped in history, being one of the earliest rural settlements in the Stellenbosch area.  Tucked away out of sight, and out of mind, is a portion of municipal land that was allocated as a nature reserve, but sadly never maintained.  The area was, until 2020, in a very dilapidated & unhealthy state.  

Then, during lockdown, a handful of Ida’s Valley community visionaries said enough is enough, and began the process of reclaiming the Ida’s Valley Nature Area for the good of their community.  And so, the Ida’s Valley Community Non-profit organization was started.  What they have done in such a short space of time is nothing short of miraculous - from cleaning up the mountains of litter in the area, to maintaining trails, alien clearing and beginning the slow process of rehabilitating the indigenous vegetation.  

Bordering the IVNA are three community schools - the Ida’s Valley Primary, the Lückhoff High School and the Bruckner de Villiers Primary School, collectively with over 3,000 learners. The start & finish of the race will be hosted on the Ida’s Valley Primary School grounds, being just a stone's throw from the nature area.

Thanks to the support of WWF South Africa, the event will contribute financially to the ongoing success of the Ida’s Valley Community NPO.

‘Gift a child a trail run’ objective

To create the opportunity for entrants of the race to gift a child of Ida's Valley Primary School the opportunity to participate in the TSSL Ida's Valley Nature Area race on the 26th February.


Most of these kids have never had the opportunity to run in a trail running race before, so for those who get a chance to participate, it could be an experience they would never otherwise have or indeed forget.  This is the next generation and if they can experience the value in the Ida’s Valley Nature Area, then they could be the ones helping to protect and care for it for generations to come.


During online entry, any participant can elect to gift a race entry to a child from the Ida’s Valley community.  Purchase options will be available in the ‘Merchandise’ section during the online entry process.

These gift tickets will then be allocated to those Ida's Valley School kids who have put their name down on the list.  The school or parent will then enter the child online using a unique gift promo code generated by Wildrunner.

Gift costs?

Race entry: Discounted at only R100 per ticket