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What is #AboutTrail?

#AboutTrail is a series of videos and articles about trail running. Each episode covers a topic closely linked to trail running by a reputable source. 

To view all #AboutTrail content & videos:

#AboutTrail Episode 1: Downhill and technical running, with Kane Reilly and Megan Mackensie

#AboutTrail Episode 2: Understanding trail shoes, with Grant Bryant and Erin van Eyssen

#AboutTrail Episode 3: Trail running kit, with Owen Middleton

#AboutTrail Episode 4: From road to trail, with James Bosenberg and Devon Coetzee

#AboutTrail Episode 5: Uphill running, with Nicholas Rupanga and Michael Gombart

#AboutTrail Episode 6: Stretch & Recovery, with Brian Burgers 

#AboutTrail Episode 7: Nutrition, with Sarah Chantler

#AboutTrail Episode 8: Speed Training, with Kane Reilly and Nicholas Rupanga 

#AboutTrail Episode 9: Mountain Safety and Trail Ettiquette, with Rik de Decker

#AboutTrail Episode 10: Weather and Environment, with Martin Kleynhans

#AboutTrail Episode 11: About the Spur Trail Series®, with Philip Olckers and Paul Moloisi 

#AboutTrail Episode 12: Short to Long to XL, with Owen and Tamaryn Middleton

#AboutTrail Episode 13: First Aid - What to take and Why, with Richard Dellbridge

#AboutTrail Episode 14: Short course to Ultra, with Linda Doke

#AboutTrail Episode 15: Trail Type and Technique with Philip Olckers

#AboutTrail Episode 16: Dealing with injuries on the trail, with Kirsten Kingma 

#AboutTrail Episode 17: Advanced Nutrition with Sarah Chantler

#AboutTrail Episode 18: Massage, Physiotherapy and The Lino Method with Benita Kropman