fbpx Trail Series Super League | What is the TSSL?

What is the Super League?

The Trail Series® was launched in January 2008 with the Cape Summer Trail Series® and only 252 runners. In 2014, 17 576 runners took part in the Spur Trail Series® across South Africa, making this one of the most popular trail running events and the only national, short course trail running series in the country.  In 2019 the original Trail Series® was put together into one seven race Trail Series® Super League.

If you’ve never run on a trail before, you’ve come to the right place and if you’re a qualified mountain goat you’re also welcome. This is a great place to be introduced to the sport of trail running and an even better place to do that all important speed training as you take on some of the most talented trail runners in South Africa.

How does the TSSL work?

The Trail Series® Super League consists of seven race days, each at a unique venue and each offering a short, long and XL distance race.  You can elect to race as many races as you like, and in whatever distance you choose, but if you do more than one race of the same distance (short, long or XL) your finish times will be added together to give you a position on the overall Trail Series® Super League (TSSL).  If you miss a race you will be given a DNC (Did not compete) and a fixed time will be allocated.  The more races you do the better your accumulative time and the higher you will rank on the TSSL.

Children under the age of 10yrs, who have been pre-entered, run for free.

Are there medals?

Medals will be given at every race for all pre-entered runners.  

Special commorative medals will be given to all those who complete all races in the seven series TSSL.

Are their age categories?

Yes there are, please click here for more info