Top 55 photos from Saturday's  Peace Trail now up on our Facebook page! What a magic prelude to the Gold Status @ctmarathon with more than a few big smiles from participants. Happy Heritage day, everyone. South Africa certainly has a running heritage worth celebrating #peacetrail #heritageday 📸 @marksampsonct It takes a full crew to roll out a successful trail event, and more than a few good hearts. Sincere thanks to all the volunteers who brought such spirit and enthusiasm to this morning's Peace Trail. Wishing the 42.2km crew a massive day tomorrow! @ctmarathon #peacetrail @sanlam_group Smiles from the VOC - this is the heart of the logistics behind a trail event ❤ @ctmarathon #peacetrail Suzie the Sweep making sure you all come home safely, and in style! @ctmarathon #peacetrail And your top 4 men in the 22km, with much podium chirping! @ctmarathon #peacetrail Top 4 women in the 22km today! @ctmarathon #peacetrail Top three women in the 12km Peace Trail (link to results will be live later today!) @ctmarathon #peacetrail Second woman in the 22km Marion Lieberach says the gees out there is absolutely fantastic @ctmarathon #peacetrail First woman in the 12km is Leanda De Bruin! @ctmarathon #peacetrail ⚡⚡ First woman in the 22km is @biancat12 she absolutely flew through the course! 🔥⚡ @ctmarathon #peacetrail And Admire Rushika breaks the 12km tape! @ctmarathon #peacetrail How's this! Winner of the 22km Peace Trail @givemorerun chased home by Tranquil Gumbo 0.4 seconds behind him! Doesn't get hotter than this! 🔥@ctmarathon #peacetrail @asics_za