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This past Sunday saw the trail running calendar kick off with the first race of the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series® at Lebanon Forest in Elgin. After taking a beating from the wild fires last year, it was awesome to have all the fun single tracks back in action. The Cape decided to play along as well and dish out some delicious weather for runners to play in out on the trails.

First light came peeking out at 5:30am as runners started rolling in for registration and number collection. By 6:30am there was an exciting buzz in the air from all the runners getting ready to dust off those holiday legs and kick up some dirt. To add to the buzz was Wildrunner’s own bag of exciting news for 2017. First was the fact that Spur Trail Series® and Wildrunner turns 10 years young this year.

Then the addition of Raidlight as new apparel sponsor, this means a whole lot of awesome spot prizes, podium prizes up for grabs.

On that podium note, let’s get onto the racing for the day. In the long course Championship, there was a fast competitive field lined up on the start line. All of them ready to take on the course record set by the legend himself, Bernie Rukadza in 2015, a smashing time of 53:43.

All though flying over the finish line at a ridiculous pace, no one could come close to Bernie’s time. Taking the win on the day was Raydon Balie, in a time of 54:49, almost a minute behind him in second was Emmanuel Dlamini, taking the final step on the podium, just sneaking in in front of Jarryd Dunn, was Vincent Viet in a time of 55:44.

In the ladies long course Championship race, taking top honours for Race 1 was local road running star Ashleigh Simonis, in a time of 1:03:37. Shortly after her was Swiss track running champion, Fiammetta Troxler, and wrapping up the ladies podium was Sophie Cope in a time of 01:10:21.

The short course men’s challenge race saw Dino Adams smash Riaan Wildskut’s 2014 short course record by almost a minute, racing across the line in a time of 22:45. Hot on Dino’s heels, and also breaking the record was Evan Fortuin, who came in only 2 seconds behind Dino. And claiming 3rd place was Llewellyn Jacobs. Some ridiculously fast running put on out there in the short course.

In the ladies Challenge race, Liezl du Plooy came sprinting across the line in first place, a long way ahead from runners up Josie McCann and Chanel Hannah. These two had a great battle out on course, and in the end it was Josie who snuck in 5 seconds ahead of Chanel in a time of 32:32 to take second place.

Amazing running by all out there on Sunday. Lebanon never ceases to hand a fantastic dose of good dirt to go and play on.

If you acted crazy, or stopped to strike a pose at the Steenberg Camera Trap, go check out the album here on facebook to see if you’ve been snapped? If we missed you this Sunday, be sure to keep an eye out at the next race for those Steenberg Gates and you could be the next lucky winners who also stand a chance at winning the grand prize. For more details on the competition click here.

A big shout out and thank you to all our sponsors and partners; Spur Steak Ranches, Raidlight, BOS Sport, Steenberg Vineyards and WWF.

Check out your race results here and some the race photos here.

The 2016 edition of the 32km Spur Silvermine Mountain XL began under grey skies as some of the Cape’s top trail runners came out to enjoy the magnificent Silvermine Nature Reserve.

This race sees runners traverse both Silvermine East and Silvermine West and really is a race of two halves.

In the men’s solo event, it was tight at the top as the top 5 were all within 30 seconds of each other at the first check point, 13km in, with up-and-coming Raydon Balie all smiles as he led veteran and defending champion Nicholas Rupanga, Ben Brimble, Rory Scheffer and Chad Gordon through the check-point in 01:15:20.

The second half of the race saw solo runners tackle 14km of Silvermine West trails and it was soon evident that this race was to become a game of cat and mouse, with the leaders marking each other until the final 5km to the finish.

At the 27km mark and the second check-point, it was Balie and Rupanga who once again checked in as the top 2. This is where Rupangas’ experience came to the fore as he pulled away on the descent to the finish to wrap up his second consecutive Spur Silvermine Mountain XL in a time of 02:47:48. Balie sealed his 2nd place on the podium in a time of 02:49:31 and Ben Brimble rounded off an impressive top 3 by crossing under the arch in 02:52:35.

In the Ladies 32km solo race there were two clear favourites and friends - Megan Mackenzie and Kate Mapham, who locked horns with Sandra Koblmüller, a professional triathlete from Austria who was first to the 13km check-point in a time of 01:25:18. Megan was hot on her heels in 2nd place with a time of 01:26:21 and third to check in was Kate Mapham, 01:34:23.

The next 14km saw Koblmüller put the hammer down as she relished the technical terrain and downhill to run into the second check-point in an accumulated time of 02:44:05, four and a half minutes ahead of Mackenzie and more than 20 minutes ahead of Mapham.

In the end there was no denying Koblmüller the victory as she powered her way over the 32km course in 03:07:49 with Mackenzie, who seemed to take a tumble out on course, cruising home in second place in a time of 03:14:24.

Mapham held off the charge to seal her spot on the podium with a time of 03:37:16.

TrailBusters leave their mark

In the Men’s team event the duo of Niel Swanepoel and Edward van der Merwe blew everyone away with a dominant display of running, coasting home in 2:45:31 - more than 15 minutes over the 2nd placed team, Team DJ. Team DJ claimed second place in 03:01:46 despite tough competition from the Llandudno trail surfers, as Robert Shaff and Michael de Kwaadsteniet ran a good race to take home third place, with an overall time of 03:05:24.

The Llandudno trail team rounded off a superb day for the lifeguards as the ladies (consisting of Linda Detering and Daniella Mihal) ran home in first, with a time of 03:30:23, with trail stalwarts Maxine Reilly and Charlotte Noble claiming an impressive 2nd overall in a time of 03:44:46. The Mamas, comprised of Natalie Marcus and Mmamapudi Kubjane, rounded off the top 3, crossing under the arch in 04:21:21.

In the Mixed team event, Cornel Smuts and Leentjie Visser proved that consistency counts as their respective leg positions remained unchanged, to come home first over the line with a time of 03:15:18 with team Just Wing It, made up of Ben Kooyman and Tessa Engelhardt, claiming 2nd mixed team overall with a time of 03:20:23.

Rounding out the top 3 mixed teams went to Jason Lammers and Marta Jakot of team Dos Cabras, who cruised home in 03:33:10.

It was another magical edition of the Spur Silvermine Mountain XL and a big thank you must go to our sponsors; Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Sport, La Sportiva and Protea Hotels.

For results click here and take a look at the photos here

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens created the perfect backdrop to host just over 1,000 runners on Tuesday, at race 3 of the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series®. With an electric atmosphere in the air, the first of the races set off at 19h00, with several top South African trail runners storming out of the blocks as the sun set behind Table Mountain.

In the 10km long course Championship, a new face to the Spur Trail Series® scene, Justin Fritz, took everyone by surprise as he blitzed the course and sprinted across the finish line almost four minutes ahead of the competition. He managed to break the 40 minute barrier and crossed the line in 39:56, looking fresh and ready for more. A few minutes later, a cluster of runners rushed home in short stride with Raydon Balie, Rory Scheffer, Nicholas Rupanga and Jarryd Dunn all crossing the line with less than 20 seconds separating them. Balie claimed second position with his time of 42:34 and third place went to Scheffer with a time of 43:40.

In the ladies long course race, Hayley Preen once again proved her class as she took her second win of the Series in a time of 48:41. She looks set to claim her first Championship title in a month’s time at the final race of the Series, at Oak Valley. In second place, Kate Mapham also impressed, beating the recently recovered Katya Soggot to the line in a time of 50:37 - Soggot taking third position in 52:53.

Short course battle shapes up
The 5.8km short course Challenge made for some exciting racing as it culminated in a sprint finish between Andre Afrika and Stefan Oosthuizen. Afrika managed to pip Oosthuizen to the post with a time of 25:11, in a repeat of race 1’s results. In third place, Dawood Goeieman moved up one spot from race 1 with a time of 26:52 - only seconds ahead of Daniel Arendse and Robert Shaff. The racing between these top five runners always makes for an exciting finish and we can’t wait to see what happens at the final race of the Series at Oak Valley.

Linda Detering started in the second batch, chasing all the way, and managed to make up enough time on Tina-Marie Meyer to claim first place. Her time of 30:01 meant Meyer had to settle for second position with a time of 31:41. Polly Else claimed the last spot on the podium, coming home third in a time of 32:33. 

It was a fine way to continue the Spur Trail Series® after the disappointment of having to cancel the second race of the Series due to wildfires and a wonderful way to celebrate Wildrunner’s 200th event on the trails. We look forward to many more and to seeing everyone at the final race of the Series on 28 February at Oak Valley. If you don’t have your entry for this race yet, enter now and book your spot on the start line!

A big thanks to all the runners and our fantastic sponsors - Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Sport, Protea Hotels and La Sportiva SA.

Click here for the full results and here for more photos.

On Saturday evening, 16th January 2016, the Wildrunner team watched helplessly from the start/finish location for race 2 of the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series®, as the forested hills and farms of Lebanon in the Elgin Valley were torn apart by vicious wildfires. 

At 9:49pm we were left with no choice but to cancel the event.  The CSIR centre just to the east  (upwind) of our routes, had at this stage been surrounded by the fire.  On consultation with local disaster management and the owner of the farm it was clear that the fire was continuing unabated into the heart of the Lebanon plantation and onto the Spur Trail Series® routes.  To continue with the event as planned would have been irresponsible and negligent.

Since making this announcement on all the channels available to us at the time, we have received a number of queries regarding refunds, postponements and ticket transfer as well as suggestions of donating entry fees to the much needed volunteer fire fighting efforts in Grabouw.

In summary refunds, postponements and transferring entries to another race in the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series® are not feasible options  - a brief explanation as to why this is, is given at the bottom of this communication.  

The good news is that after careful analysis of what expenses have not been realised, we have concluded a figure of R35,000 that we are able to donate to the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS).  This includes a R10,000 donation from Spur Steak Ranches.  BOS Sport have also agreed to donate 20 cases of BOS Sport to help keep those weary firemen and women sharp and hydrated!

We thank you all for your understanding and support.  At this time, our thoughts go out to all of those who have been grossly affected by the fire in the Elgin Valley, and to everyone still on the frontline of the fire.  May everyone return safely to their families.  If anyone would like to contribute further in any way please make contact with VWS by email on newlands@vws.org.za.

We look forward to seeing you at Kirstenbosch Gardens on the 26th January for the next installment of the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series®.  

Kind regards, 

The Wildrunner Team

Refunds, postponements & transferring entries
Refunds:  Due to the specialised nature of the services rendered by our company and third party contractors, entry fees received are invested in the cost of staging the event. The reality is that come race day the majority of the costs required to host the event have already been committed. It is with regret that the event  was cancelled at the last minute, however the cancellation was attributed to circumstances  beyond our reasonable control and  for your own safety. Consequently, we have no alternative but to enforce the 'no refund' policy  reflected in the terms of entry, which comply with  the  requirements  of  the  Consumer  Protection  Act.
Postponement: We cannot postpone for three primary reasons.  Firstly, we cannot use the same venue for obvious reasons.  Secondly, events take anything from 3-6 months to plan and execute. From booking venues to fulfilling our duties with regards to the Safety & Recreation Act, disaster management and the numerous other channels that professional event organisations are required to follow in the build up to event day.  As a result a new venue is not an option.  
Transferring entries: The primary reason we cannot transfer your entry to another race in the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series® is that this is in effect a refund and for the reasons given above this is not a feasible option.    

Effect on the ‘Series’ Championship & Challenge?
Essentially the Series will now consist of only three races, all of which count towards the Championship & Challenge. I.e. runners who wish to complete the Series still need to run three long courses or three short courses to complete the Series and receive a medal.


The Spur Cape Summer Trail Series® kicked off with a bang and a bluster as almost 800 runners took on the howling south-easter at the Tygerberg Nature Reserve.
There was excitement in the air as runners started trickling in at the start venue and, with the Tygerberg hills looming over them, the reality of the challenge that lay ahead started to set in. Uncomfortable as the wind was, it brought welcome respite against the usual summer heat.
The familiar faces of Bernard Rukadza, Raydon Balie, Franz-Eric Streicher, Michael Gombart and Katya Soggot were joined at the start line of the 12.1km long course Championship by up-and-coming youngsters Jarryd Dunn, Hayley Preen and Megan Leslie and it was clear from the outset that the racing at the front of the field was going to be fierce.
We were not disappointed and Balie put in a strong performance, showing his intentions for the Series, and claiming his first win of 2016 with a time of 55:07. Rukadza, on tired legs due to training for an ultra, crossed the line in second place in a time of 56:59, with the impressive Dunn not far behind in 1:00:02.
The ladies race was dominated by Preen, who is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. She crossed the finish line more than five minutes ahead of her closest competition in a time of 1:06:04. In second position was the surprise package of the evening, Sanja Steyn from Zimbabwe in a time of 1:11:44. An old Spur Trail Series® favourite, Katya Soggot had to settle for third place with a time of 1:12:14 as she recovers from injury.
Afrika, Leslie going for gold
In the short course Challenge there wasn’t time to blink as the up-and-coming Andre Afrika swept around the 8.1km course in a blistering time of 35:42. Behind him, Stefan Oosthuizen and Juan Carstens were chasing hard but they could not keep up – Oosthuizen claiming second place in a time of 37:14 and Carstens completing the podium with a time of 39:23.
Megan Leslie once again showed her class as she claimed another first place in the short course race with her time of 45:09, ahead of Tina-Mari Meyer in 46:53 and Linda Detering in 48:20.
It was a thrilling start to what promised to be another memorable Spur Trail Series® and we can’t wait to continue this Sunday when the Series moves to the beautiful Lebanon Forest in the Elgin Valley.
A big thank you to our awesome sponsors, Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Sport, Protea Hotels and Outward Ventures for making these events possible and to everyone who come out to the races and make it all worthwhile.
We’ll see you on Sunday!
Click here for full results and here for photos.

On another incredibly hot summer day in Gauteng more than 500 runners showed up at the final race of the Spur Gauteng Summer Trail Series® at Leeuwenkloof to cap off a fantastic Series of trail running. 

There was to be no respite from the incredibly hot Gauteng summer and by 7am the thermometer was already close to 30 degrees Celsius. Some runners succumbed to the heat and had to pull out of the race to find comfort and an ice cold drink in the shady finish area, but the majority showed their grit and determination and pushed through to finish what has been a tough Series because of the sweltering weather conditions throughout.

Fidel Ncube showed his strength in the 13.8km long course Championship race and beat his closest competition by almost five minutes, making it two out of two wins for this Series, as he crossed the line in 55:00. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take part in a third race this summer and missed out on the Series title because of this but we’re sure he’ll be back in winter to claim his first Championship title. Nicky Ndhlovu and Daniel Jenner were locked in a head-to-head battle for second place, with Ndhlovu just pipping Jenner to the line by four seconds in a time of 59:49. The overall Championship title went to Tim Cable who secured his victory after three consistent performances in the first three races of the Series.

The ladies long course Championship title went to the talented Maphuti Phaka who came back to claim her third victory in three races. Phaka excelled in the heat and there was simply no competition as she raced across the line in 1:05:08 - more than eight minutes ahead of the second placed lady. Benita Kritzinger took second place with her time of 1:13:14 while Michelle Ronne completed the podium in 1:15:35.

Youngsters taught a lesson by experience
In the 8.8km short course Challenge the 33-year-old Ryan Mathaba beat several younger runners to the line, proving that youth doesn’t always beat experience. Mathaba timed his race perfectly and pulled away from 16-year-old Ezra Ferreira in the final stages of the race to beat him by 30 seconds in a time of 33:15. Third across the line was another youngster, Janco Ferreira in a time of 34:58. With this victory Mathaba made it three out of three to wrap up yet another Challenge title.

Anita O’Brien had to settle for second place on the day behind a blistering Jeannie de Beer who came home in 40:43, but her consistent strong performances at the first three races of the Series meant she wrapped up the Series ahead of the young de Beer. On the day, O’Brian crossed the line 44:05 with third place going to Abby Long in a time of 49:15.

The competition in the younger categories is very encouraging and, with five runners under the age of 17 placing in the top ten, we are looking forward to trail running in Gauteng and South Africa becoming stronger and stronger as these youngsters move onto the main stage.

A massive thank you to our sponsors, Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Ice Tea, Protea Hotels and Graham Beck Wines, for their amazing support during the year. We look forward to a much cooler visit to Gauteng in June 2016 for the Spur Gauteng Winter Trail Series®. But first, we’re heading to Cape Town for the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series® in January.

Click here for full results and here for more photos.

Short course Challenge Series 
Open men

  1. Ryan Mathaba
  2. Janco Erasmus
  3. Henco Erasmus

Open women

  1. Anita o’Brien
  2. Jeannie de Beer
  3. Elzani Smith

Veteran men

  1. Chris Dorfling
  2. Patrick Mynhardt
  3. Carlos Teixeira

Veteran women

  1. Phylis de Fouw
  2. Marisa Marais
  3. Brenda Taylor

Master men

  1. Johnie Jonker
  2. Rainier Ludwig
  3. Carl Fickenscher

Master women

  1. Sonja Bohnsack
  2. Mariana Kinnear
  3. Karen Stander


  1. Ezra Ferreira
  2. Daniel Rademan
  3. Xavier Nel


  1. Ian de Fouw
  2. Caleb Rademsn
  3. Daniel Ellis


  1. Luke Fritz
  2. Corne de Fouw
  3. Matthew Vaughan

Long course Championship series
Open men

  1. Tim Cable
  2. Sheldon George
  3. Pierre Poulain

Open women

  1. Maphuti Phaka
  2. Mari de Jager
  3. Anrie van Wyk

Veteran men

  1. Frans Bonokwane
  2. Attie Chambers
  3. Nick Reed

Veteran women

  1. Benita Kritzinger
  2. Lana Dyer
  3. Anke Langenhorst

Master men

  1. Jay Bradley
  2. Brian Chamberlain
  3. Herman van der Merwe

Master women

  1. Santie Kelsey
  2. Sonja van der Vyver
  3. Beate Schulte-Brader

The Spur Gauteng Summer Trail Series® kicked off at Hennops River this past weekend as more than 600 runners were reunited with trail running friends on a scorching Highveld summer day.

In the 18.5km XL race Thabang Madiba, one of South Africa’s favourite and finest trail runners, lived up to his reputation as he blitzed the course in 01:43:34 over some technical terrain and steep inclines to hold off the charge of Daniel Jenner. He pushed Madiba all the way and came home in 01:44:22 with Egor Oussov running a super race to claim third place overall with a time of 01:48:39.

In the ladies XL race Adel Terblanche ran a great race to claim the overall ladies win comfortably in 02:11:56. Sally Fenwick took second place a few minutes in a time of 02:19:22 while Angela Kavalliertos completed the ladies overall podium with her time of 02:26:06.

In the men’s 12.5km long course Championship race, Altus Badenhorst powered his way to first place to open his Series account in style in a time of 58:13 with Tim Cable coming home not long after to secure second place in 01:01:15. Sheldon George chased hard all the way but had to settle for third place over the line with a time of 01:01:30. 
In the ladies Championship race, the impressive Maphuti Phaka ran a strong race to show she means business this Series by coming home first in a time of 01:03:54. The young but very strong Robyn Claire Kaltenbrunn, a regular podium placer in the Spur Gauteng Winter Trail Series®, proved she is a force to be reckoned with and crossed the line second overall in 01:06:54. Marcelle Coetzee completed the podium and took third spot overall with her time of 01:06:58.

No stopping Mathaba
The familiar face of Ryan Mathaba was once again the first face we saw bounding down the finishing straight in the men’s 6.8km short course Challenge race as he came home in 35:00 to see off the challenge of the younger runners, proving that age is just a number. 

Ezra Ferreira came home in second place overall and first junior male as he ran an impressive 35:21, followed hot on his heels by Daniel Rademan who finished only two seconds behind him to take third overall and second junior.

In the ladies race, Anita O’Brien laid down the marker as she kicked off the Series in fine fashion running home in 37:32 to claim first lady overall. Veteran runner, Phyllis de Fouw wasn’t far behind and crossed the line in 38:57 while junior runner, Ané Schoeman impressed by taking the third spot overall with a time of 41:03.

Next week we do it all again as we take on the second instalment of the 2015 Spur Gauteng Summer Trail Series® at Segwati Game Ranch.

A big thank you to our sponsors who make this all possible, Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Ice Tea, Protea Hotels and Graham Beck.

Click here to see the full results and here for more photos.

In partnership with Spur Steak Ranches, we’re launching a series of short clips where we will try and answer any trail running questions you have… and if we don’t know the answer we’ll get in the experts!

The first episode will be launched in November so watch this space!

We’ve identified this list of initial topics that we’d like to cover and want to know your questions on these topics.

  • November 2015: Technique & training: downhill & technical
  • December 2015: Trail shoes
  • January 2016: Kit
  • February 2016: From road to trail
  • March 2016: Technique & training: uphill & strength
  • April 2016: Recovery & stretching
  • May 2016: Nutrition
  • June 2016: Technique & training: Speed
  • July 2016: Mountain Safety
  • August 2016: Weather & environment
  • September 2016: About the Spur Trail Series®
  • October 2016: Upgrading from short to long distances

If you have other (trail running) topics please let us know. We’d love to find the answer to help you run with a taste for life!

So what do you want to know #AboutTrail?

#AboutTrail is brought to you by Spur Steak Ranches.

The Spur KZN Trail Series® headed down deep into the Valley of 1000 Hills to the tranquil and beautiful setting of iSithumba for the final race of the Series.

In the men’s 11.3km long course Championship race, it was the athletic figure of Eric Ngubane who made it three wins out of three as he wrapped up another first place in a time of 48:59 to take the overall Series win before jetting off to France to represent South Africa in the 75km Grand Trail des Templiers. We wish him and the team all the best!

Second over the line at race 4 went to regular podium placer Juan Botsis who cruised home in 56:29 with Luke Muller claiming third over the line with a time of 01:01:19.

In the ladies race, all was set for an epic battle between Puseletso Dladla and Zoe Papadakis with Dladla leading the overall standings with only 29 seconds. In the end, it was Dladla who put the hammer down and claimed the overall win in a time of 58:06, with Papadakis coming home second in a time of 01:04:07. Leilah Saville claimed third place overall, as she crossed under the arch in 01:18:55.

Brilliant Bengo is king
Owen Bengo powered his way to yet another win in the men’s 5.3km short course Challenge race as he whipped his way around the course in a mere 19:59, three minutes ahead of Edmund Mthetwa, his perennial Series rival, who claimed second overall in a time of 22:18. Siyanda Mkhize pushed Mthetwa all the way as he came home third overall, only three second later, in a time of 22:21.

Xoliswa Mngadi took off from the gun in the ladies short course race and never looked back as she ran home in 23:38 to place first lady. Minimee, Abbey-Lynn Haswell’s 26:46 was good enough for second lady overall with another minimee, Naomi Maujean showing us just how strong the KZN junior trail running fraternity is, taking third place in 27:41. 

It was a superb end to what has been a fun Series of trail running for those who joined us.

Thank you to our fantastic supporters: Spur, BOS, Protea Hotels, Outward Ventures and Graham Beck for their continued support.

Click here to see the full Series results and here to see race 4 photos.


Race 3 in the Spur KZN Trail Series® saw Eric Ngubane make it two wins from two as he clocked the fastest time around the 11.2km Championship course at the beautiful Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, the only a two lap race in the Series.

Ngubane ran home in 48:59 to win by more than 3 minutes as Thierry Pletinckx came home in second overall in 53:33 with Juan Botsis claiming the final spot on the overall podium in a time of 54:32.

In the ladies Championship race, the ding dong battle for the overall Series title continued as Puseletso Dladla won this round, finishing first overall with a time of 01:00:17 with Zoe Papadakis not too far behind, coming home in 01:02:53. Leilah Saville claimed her first podium of the Series by coming home in 3rd with a time of 01:22:13.

Dladla is now only 29 seconds ahead of Papadakis in the overall Championship standings and if both take their places on the start line on Saturday an exciting finish is certainly on the cards.
Bengo and Ellero blitz their way to the top

In the men’s short course Challenge race, Owen Bengo went one better than last week as he made his way around the 5.6km route in a time of 25:15 to beat overall rival, Edmund Mthetwa by 01:28 and set himself up for a Series win come Saturday. Kyle Alain Smith ran a very impressive race to claim third place over the line in a time of 26:47.

In the ladies race, newcomer Caylee Ellero ran a superb race to win in a time of 26:55 to also claim an impressive fourth overall on the night. Junior runner, Caitlyn Schlemeyer had a great race again as she came home in 29:04 for second place with Abbey-Lynn Haswell taking home third in 31:09.

Saturday will see the final race in the 2015 Spur KZN Trail Series® and there is all to play for. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Click here to see the race photos and here to see full race and provisional Series results.

Thanks again to our sponsors, Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Ice Tea, Protea Hotels, Outward Ventures and Graham Beck for making this Series possible.