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Curious to run the myriad of Newlands Forest tracks, but unsure of exact routes? We take you to the heart of this magical playground, and beyond. Special Stage 3 features Newlands Forest, resplendent in its Spring attire, with extensions into Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and some lesser known trails on Table Mountain back-table for the XL.

If you’re heading to The Forest for the first time, you’ll be entering a piece of Cape history that is as layered as the dense canopies of the forest’s ravines. Newlands is a natural transition zone between endangered Granite Fynbos and Peninsula Shale Fynbos, in an area that also originally supported large indigenous forests. In the late 1800s, most of the indigenous forests were felled and the fynbos cleared, to make way for commercial pine plantations, which still remain.  

The original inhabitants of the area were the Khoi-khoi, who migrated and herded their cattle over much of what is now the city of Cape Town. Jan van Riebeeck (the first Dutch governor of the Cape Colony) came across the extensive indigenous forests on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain and called them collectively "Boschenheuwel". Due to the need for timber, the local afro-temperate forests were, by the late seventeenth century, being severely over-exploited, and the colonial government issued a series of (largely ineffectual) laws to protect the forests. By the close of the eighteenth century most were gone, excepting a few pockets on the steep upper slopes of the mountain. As indigenous wood supplies declined, the authorities decided to clear the eastern slopes of Table Mountain for commercial plantations. When the logging was eventually stopped, the final crop of trees remained un-harvested. There are efforts underway to restore the ratio of indigenous plants.

Rumours of haunted houses, crumbling old ruins and fairy spottings abound; something for every family member to explore.

Visit www.trailseries.co.za for your entry. This special stage is not to be missed.

COVID-19 has been no picnic for anyone and as event organisers, this won't be letting up any time soon. The gathering ban, announced back in March by the President, will be maintained until we are out of all lockdown levels, and when this will happen is anyones guess.

Unfortunately, this means that we are having to re-imagine the way we do things to stay alive, and that means exploring ways of offering racing without gathering.  We want to maintain the backbone of competition - that being a comparison of your time versus another over the same race course. What this means for the TSSL is that we are working on putting all the details together to allow you to race this on your own time. 

To do this, we are arranging permissions from the event venues to open the trails to you, so that you can run the race course, tracking yourself in the process  - using your smartphone and a specified app (or your own device if you have one).  We will use the track data to verify your attempt and confirm your race time. 

The TSSL Race 4 at Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve has therefore been further postponed, until we have all of this in place. 

Until we are out of lockdown level 1 and gatherings and organised sporting events are allowed again, our aim is to offer all of the remaining Trail Series® Super League races in the same way. Details on exactly how this will work will be sent to you once the venue permissions are finalised. 

Thank you for your understanding and support during this unprecedented and very challenging time.  If you have any queries, please email info@wildrunner.co.za. 

The Trail Series® is about fun for the whole family and so we're offering the next generation of trail running champions a chance to compete for FREE!

Kids 10 years and younger run for free, please email info@wildrunner.co.za with your child’s name, age and school and we’ll send you a promo code for them to enter online.

T’s and C’s

1. Applicable for any child 10 years or younger on the day of the first race.
2. Applicable to the short course only.
3. Only applicable via pre-registration. (ie. Have to enter online, does not apply to on the day entries).
4. Online entries close 2 working days before the race.