We know you have way too much fun out there, and we want to see it...so snap an image out on course and post it during the run and you can stand the chance of winning R1,000 worth of prizes courtesy of our friends at Spur Steak Ranches!

What exactly do I have to do you ask?  The Spur Trail Series® is for the joy of trail running.  Show us fun, show us adventure, show us why you are up early and capture it.  It could be a selfie, it could be you and your mates, you and your kid - but it must just reflect fun and adventure!

So then you have the image, what now? Most importantly you must post it during the event, and before prize giving... You must post it with the the following hashtag and twitter handles: #MySpurTrailSeries @SpurSports @wildrunnerza

Then what happens? Our social media guru on the day then selects the favorite (which is helped on by how many likes, shares and comments it has by the time it's judged - so get your friends prepted) and the prize is awarded at prize giving.  

What can I win?  It's a suprise combination of a R1,000 worth of goodies...

What if I am not at prize giving? You have to be in it to win it as they say, so stick around for prizegiving otherwise it will be passed onto the next best image until we have a winner!