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Seasons change, and so must we.
Since our inception in 2007, Wildrunner has maintained a position of unquestionable innovation in the trail running arena. In 2008 we launched the Trail Series® -  South Africa's original short course trail running events Series that went on to have races in five provinces in South Africa.  In the 11 years that followed we rolled on with so many firsts - first three day stage race in the Wildcoast Wildrun®, SA's first South African Championships, first stage race in Lesotho and pioneering transfrontier Wildrun experiences to name just a few of many more highlights.  During this time we have enjoyed introducing so many people young and old to this wonderful sport, and seeing all of SA's current elites come through the ranks of the Trail Series® before taking flight in competitions around the world. We have built up an extensive community of 31 000 runners from across the country, and we continue to play an integral role in shaping running journeys throughout Africa.
The Gauteng Trail Series® became a popular platform for every level of trail runner to experience new and often unknown trails across the province. We extended it to 4 events each summer and another 4 each winter, and we have thoroughly enjoyed pioneering this sport in Gauteng and getting to know the trail characters from up North. We know that our loyal supporters will be disappointed to hear it, but we have made the very difficult decision to end the Gauteng Trail Series® with immediate effect. Since this events inception in 2008, the South African trail running calendar has changed dramatically. Our business must change and innovate accordingly, so we are freeing up some time and manpower to consider fresh, forward-thinking ideas.
The Cape Winter Trail Series® will continue as planned for the current year.
We’re never far away, and we would love to stay in touch as we plot and plan for the years ahead. Follow us on @WildrunnerZA on Instagram and Twitter. Stay part of our dynamic Facebook pages (Trail Series, Mountain Challenge Series, Wildrun and Wildrunner.co.za). And subscribe to our newsletter (link).
We hope that every one of you continue to support the Gauteng trail running community and all relevant race organisers in the area. We also hope that you’ll look us up when in the Cape.
And always, #unleashyourwildstride
For now,
The Wildrunner Team

You need to look no further than B’Sorah for that ultimate running compilation of bushveld diversity, from riverside trails and forest, to open savanna.  Underfoot it’s a kaleidoscope of fast open, to rocky hilltops and everything in between. The poplar forest closes out the final trails along which you need the footwork of Springbok winger to avoid the close packed trees.  As a stage for the closing race in the GSTS18, you could get no better.

Like the weather, the racing was hot.  For the most part, the leaders in the Series had done what they had to secure the Series win, but in many instances, second and third places were to go down to the wire. In the Championship Open category, ‘just’ 43 seconds (or 3.4sec/km) was the closing difference in the race for 3rd place, with Andrew Currie nabbing the final spot on the podium from Stephen Atkinson.  But by far the closest was the 3 second gap separating 4th & 5th in the Veteran men's Championship race, with Carl Sandrock the victor over Loic Cadion and in doing so stealing the final step on the podium from his rival.

In the Challenge Series, the closest battle was in the Masters race, with Gerrie Coetzee and Johnie Jonker tying up the Series on points at the line, leaving us to separate gold and silver based on their acculative time.  After crunching the numbers, Gerrie Coetzee proved the victor by just 1 minute 32 seconds over the four race series.

Check out the overall Gauteng Summer Trail Series® results here

The final race

It was another commanding run by Bernard van der Kuil, taking line honours in the 12.8km in 58:01.  Charging in to take second over the line was a rampant Marelize Retief, finishing only 4 minutes behind Bernard.  Tim Price rounded out the top three over the line in 1:02:33. Leon Scholtz completed the men’s podium with a 4th place over the line, closely followed by Sandra Mansvelder in 5th to take 2nd in the ladies race in 1:04:33.  Kerryn Prowse completed the ladies podium in 1:16:09.

The master men’s podium was separated by 20 seconds, with Leon Limper snatching the win from Douw O’Kelly by 12 seconds in 1:10:31 (10th overall), who in turn pipped the eventual 2018 Masters Champion Gert Steyn by only 8 seconds.

In the 6.6km Challenge route is was Rob Donkin in first in 29:02, followed closely by 14 year old ‘Minimee’ category Series champion Tiaan Dorfling in 30:58. Johan Kruger made the top three in 31:03.  Special mention needs to be made of 10 year old ‘Peewee’ Series Champion Scott Williamson and 11 year old Lean Scholtz finishing 4th and 5th over the line respectively. Lean’s race result secured him a matching 2nd place in the hotly contested ‘Minimee’ competition, behind a rampant Tiaan Dorfling - super impressive given he is 3 years his junior!

Charine Kruger led the ladies race in the Challenge, breaking the tape in 32:39.  Leanri Williams and Dominique Walters concluded the ladies over the line podium. 12 year old Claire Fisher ran in an impressive 17th overall and 3rd in her ‘Minimee’ category.  This final result secured her 3rd place in the overall Series, snatching the final podium place from Thina Makapela by 1 point! Just five seconds behind Claire in the final race was 14 year old Kaylen Scholtz. Christa Coetzee took charge of the Masters ladies race, winning in 40:08, some 4 minutes ahead of Sue Botha.  The veteran ladies race was separated by a mere 3 seconds, with Marinette le Roux the victor over Elke Thompson in 42:24.

Johan Kruger, Chris Dorfling and Craig Marshal were all separated by only 52 seconds in the battle for 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively in the Veteran mens race, 2 minutes back from overall race winner Rob Donkin.  The open category was even closer, with just 46 seconds separating the podium, with Ryan Marshall, Ryan Walters and Daniel van der Walt finishing in that order.

Check out the final race results here

Full Facebook photo album

That’s a wrap then

A huge thank you to our sponsors and partners Jaybird, Raidlight, Steenberg, Pepsi Max and Petzl (sunset race) for their amazing support.

Last but definitely not least, a huge thank you to all of you for your support and participation!  If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to email info@wildrunner.co.za and if you took pictures or have stories to share please include either @wildrunnerza or the hashtag #GSTS18 on your posts so we can like and share!  

The Gauteng Summer Trail Series® was brought to you by Wildrunner

What an adventure on Titan’s Forest trails in race 2 of the Gauteng Summer Trail Series!  A brand new addition to the trail running scene, it was with great anticipation that trail runners lined up at the start line from 7 am on Sunday to run this magic piece of private Broederstroom property.  Majority of the route focus was the spectacular forests that lined the source of the Broederstroom spring. Being able to drink from the spring during the run was a really unusual highlight for many.


The trails were undeniably busy, with a huge variation in steep technical climbs & descents, fast winding trails through the forests complete with lots of tricky valleys and slate-covered ridges.  Diversity second to none. This busy run meant you hardly had time to realise where you were before you found yourself back at the finish! Carl Sandrock commented, “It’s like a complete cerebral overload!” We think this summarised the Titan’s Forest experience to a T!


For the full race results click here

For all the photos, click on the Trail Series Facebook page


13km Championship race

Shorted from 14km before the start due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Championship (Long) course took on more of everything as we stretched out the route to cover a large portion of this magnificent property.  


28-year-old Bernard van der Kuil totally owned the route, completing the 13km in 56:38, over 5 minutes ahead of second place Leon Scholtz.  Craig Makopela rounded out the top three in 1:02:47. Behind Bernard in the Open Senior category, Stephen Atkinson took 2nd place with Tim Price rounding out third.


Wildcoast Wildrun record holder Marelise Retief and Penny Bowren were separated by just 53 seconds in the ladies race, with Marelise taking her second race win in a row in 1:03:19.  Their respective times put them at 4th and 5th place over the line respectively. Michel Botha completed the top three over the line in 1:18:30. In the ladies open/senior category Thea-Mari Franken moved into 3rd behind Michel Botha.


The veteran men's race is was Leon Scholtz in the lead in 1:01:51, with Craig Makopela and Mark Phipson in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Karen Ellithorne lead the charge in the Vet ladies race, winning in a time of 1:34:28. Karen was chased hard by Sharon Masson in 2nd, just 9 seconds back, and third was Sarah Hanson in 1:36:22.


Gert Steyn held on to a narrow 32 second lead over Martin Stumbles in the men's Masters race, with Douw O’Kelly rounding out third.  Behind a rampant Penny Bowren in the ladies Masters competition, came Lois Spies in 2nd and Jacqueline du Toit in 3rd.


And last but not least a special shout out to George Lupton-Smith for his lead in the provisional Grand Masters category!


7.4km Challenge race

14 year old Tiaan Dorfling clearly revelled in the technical trail, dancing his way to the finish line in the 7.4km Challenge course in an incredible time of 30:11 - over 10 minutes ahead of second placed Rob Donkin, who in turn was less than two minutes ahead of his 12 year old son Joel.  That puts two 11-14 year old “Minimee” into the top three over the line! Rounding out the minimee category was Stuart Phipson in 42:46.


Charine Kruger completed a top 10 finish in the short course ladies race in 45:47, with a two minute lead on Leanri Williamson.  Domenique Walters rounded out the top three ladies over the line just one minute back from Leanri in 48:51.


In the 6-10 year old “Peewee” category is was the usual all guns blazing approach by the little runners.  10 year old Scott Williamson took line honours in this category in 45:36, which also secured him a top 10 placing.  Chasing him down with pedal to the metal was Kayden Durrie (10yrs) and rounding out the top three was Noe Cadion - also 10 years old.


In the Veteran category, the ladies race was won by Janette Bewsey in 58:21, followed by a close tussle for 2nd and 3rd between Elke Thompson and Marinette le Roux - with Elke managing to eek out a mere 4-second advantage at the line.  The Veteran men's race was won by Rob Donkin (2nd over the line) in 40:08, followed by Johan Kruger in 45:44 and Jason Reeves in 48:05.


Gerrie & Christa Coetzee took charge of their respective Masters categories.  Tyrone Gower and Johnnie Jonker took 2nd and 3rd respectively in the men's race, and Eva Alexandrova & Linda van der Gryp 2nd and 3rd respectively in the ladies.


Two down, two to go

The second half of the 2018 GSTS takes on a sunset garden running experience at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens on the 7th November and concludes with the magnificent B’Sorah - one of the all time favourites!  If you are not entered already, make sure you don’t miss out on one or both of these two by entering on www.trailseries.co.za

Huge thank you to Titan’s Forest for hosting us and to our key sponsors Jaybird and Raidlight!

Like we said, same same but different! We’ve freshened up our 2018 Gauteng Summer Trail Series® offering, and look forward to welcoming you and your crew to another summer of trail loving fun.

We have a special offer of 10% off for family bookings that include 2 adults and 2 children between 11 and 17, and don’t forget that kids 10 years and under run free if pre-registered.


Hennops Beast - 21 October Race 1
You can't escape the Hennops Beast. This one stays the same!

Titan’s Forest - 28 October Race 2
You know how we love diversity when we trail run, well this brand new inclusion into the Trail Series® portfolio brings exactly that!  This spectacular private farm unlocks an exclusive winding trails through lush green forests, over technical rocky hills and ridges, along muddy riverside trails and over the cleanest natural spring water streams the highveld has to offer.

Sunset Garden - 7 November Race 3
The first sunset run for the Gauteng Trail Series®. After great success in sister botanical garden in Cape Town, we've added the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden Sunset Run to the Trail Series® portfolio. Runners make their way through the gardens before a steep lung busting climb to the top of the waterfall. Once at the top, after taking in the view of the city, a fun mostly downhill single track takes runners back to the finish for the short course. The long course runners first make their way down into Hobby Park where they will run through some fun mountain bike trail before making their way back down into the gardens, around the dam and back to the finish line.

Enchanted B’Sorah - 11 November Race 4
B'Sorah will host the grand finale with the exciting new addition of an XL course. This venue’s trails just keeps getting better and better and we're so excited to show you what the XL route has in store!


Winter, it’s been real. But we’re ready for some sunshine now. We’re amped for milder mornings, later sunsets and a classic Gauteng thunderstorm or two. Bring on, the 2018 Gauteng Summer Trail Series® with some new and improved additions coming into the mix.

Entries for the #GSTS2018 open on 29 August 2018, and we’re going to give you a few teasers as to what to expect.

Same same…

The vibe, the format, the lucky draw prizes, the music, the photography and the chance for the whole family to get out on to safe trails and soak up a variety of classic Gauteng trails. We have the same partners on board, which means top end prizes from the likes of Raidlight, Jaybird and Steenberg.

But different!

There will be a night run!

There will be two completely new races in the mix, at new venues!

There will be a fresh XL course on the schedule!


Feeling sluggish after a lazy winter? Then it’s time to shake those trail shoes and get cracking with a bit of training, as you won’t want to miss out on this classic series with a few plot twists. Race 1 is coming in hot on 21 October. Keep an eye on the socials for more details.



You know what they say about a Gauteng winter…


It’s dry, but you can run it!


Actually, SA weather patterns are all over the place at the moment so who really knows what the new season will bring. What we DO know, with 100% certainty, is that it will bring another fun-filled Trail Series® courtesy of Wildrunner!


From the Bushveld of B’Sorah on 17 June, to the majestic Leeuwenkloof on 8 July, runners of every age and ability will be spotted doing what they love most, rain or shine. The single track stoke will be high, the post-run chill zone will be buzzing.



What to expect…


The Trail Series® concept was designed as a safe, fun opportunity to transition in to trail running. At every race, you will find a combination of competitive runners, beginners, kids and social weekend warriors. You can select your seeding to optimise your race experience (this seeding cannot be changed during the series). You can race hard, or party hard, but you should be fit enough to get through the short course by running the flats and downs, and walking the climbs. Slow is fine, and there is no specific gear requirement other than a smile for the cameras. There is always hot coffee on arrival, and a mix of food vendors before and after your race. There are prizes for category winners, and plenty of exciting lucky draws so don’t leave too hastily.


Kids 10 and under run free – but must be pre-registered (email info@wildrunner.co.za for your promo code).


There is a Short and Long course races at each of the 4 special venues, with an XL added at Leeuwenkloof.


Entries are open!


See you all soon.




Our family is growing and we're offering the next generation of trail running champions a chance to compete for FREE! 

In the last 10 years we’ve seen the Trail Series® grow exponentially, becoming the country’s biggest and only national short course trail series. A series that is fit for all types of runners, whether a racing snake or a leisurely stroller. It has become a fun outing for the whole family and as we’ve watched our family grow over the years at the Spur Trail Series® we’d really like to include them in our celebrations.

So as part of our 10-year anniversary, Wildrunner is offering all kids under the age of 10 the opportunity to run the Spur Trail Series® for free.

Please email info@wildrunner.co.za with your child’s name, age and school and we’ll send you a promo code for them to enter.

Race information:

Please follow the link for more information. 

T’s and C’s (Terms and Conditions)

1. Applicable for any child 10 years or younger on the day of the first race.
2. Applicable to the short course only.
3. Only applicable via pre-registration. (ie. Have to enter online, does not apply to on the day entries).

The Spur Gauteng Summer Trail Series® and Spur Cape Summer Trail Series® will once again be broadcast on SuperSport this summer. Make sure you run the races and get caught on camera by our paparazzi and then tune in on the following dates to check out the shows. Who knows, this could be your 15 seconds of fame!

Please note, these dates and times are subject to change. Please check final broadcast times closer to the time.

The Spur Gauteng Summer Trail Series® entered its second week and we were treated to a superb race at the magnificent Segwati Game Ranch as just over 500 runners laced up their shoes at the start line for race 2 of 4.

The men’s 12.8km long course Championship race saw a dominant display of trail running by the humble Fidel Ncube as he flew into the home straight in a time of 54:25 to win by more than three minutes. In the ladies long course Championship race, there was no doubting who was the strongest as Maphuti Phaka led from start to finish and cruised home in 01:00:51 to take her second win of the Series. 

In the ladies long course Championship race, there was no doubting who the strongest was as Maphuti Phaka led from start to finish, stamping her authority on the race and indeed the Series as she cruised home in 01:00:51. Not only did she claim the overall ladies win but she also came home ninth overall. Second overall went to Magretha Wang who showed she is no slouch as she came home in 01:07:47 with veteran Benita Kritzinger claiming third position overall and the win in her category in a time of 01:09:46.

Mathaba and O’Brien show their class
The 7.6km short course Challenge race also saw impressive running displays as Ryan Mathaba showed remarkable consistency to place first overall with a time of 31:18 to make it two wins from two in his category. Juniors, Daniel Rademan and Ezra Ferreira followed not too far behind in 2nd and 3rd overall respectively in times of 32:46 and 32:54.

In the ladies Challenge race, Anita O’Brien held off the charge of Phyllis de Fouw and Jeannie de Beer to come home first overall with a time of 38:30. De Fouw secured second overall with a time of 40:26 with de Beer right behind her in a time of 40:44 to claim the last spot on the overall ladies podium.

With two races now completed, the competition for overall category prizes is heating up and we are looking forward to another special day out next week at B’Sorah for race 3.

A big thank you to our sponsors who make this all possible; Spur Steak Ranches, BOS Ice Tea, Protea Hotels and Graham Beck.

Click here to see the full results and here for more photos.

To be a part of the fun, click here to enter race 3 now!


The Spur Gauteng Winter Trail Series™ came to a conclusion this weekend when more than 900 runners took on the final race of the Series at Leeuwenkloof on another picture perfect day. This brand new venue certainly charmed everyone present with challenging climbs, flowing single track, beautiful bushveld views and a surprise section through an old mine tunnel.

Edwin Sesipi continued his dominance in the long course Championship, claiming his fourth straight victory as he stormed home in the 13.9km course – several minutes ahead of his closest competition, Fidel Ncube, in 57:34. Ncube claimed second place in a time of 01:01:46 to also take second position in the overall Championship at his first ever appearance in the Spur Trail Series™. Third across the line was Frank Kienhofer in a time of 01:06:57 to complete the men’s podium.

In the ladies long course, Lerentia Strydom was all business as she took her third win of the Series to be crowned female Championship winner in a time of 01:16:17. Kaltenbrunn could not repeat her first place from race 3 and had to settle for second position with her time of 01:20:32. Benita Kritzinger was the third woman home in 01:22:36, which means Strydom was crowned as the Championship ladies’ winner for the second time running, while Kritzinger claimed the veteran’s title.

Mathaba and Terblanche take the title
The short course Challenge made for some exciting racing as usual and the front runners were separated only by seconds. First runner home was Ezra Ferreira as he completed the challenging 7.7km course in a time of 38:18. Shortly after, Ryan Mathaba crossed the line in 39 minutes flat while Daniel Rademan grabbed the final spot on the podium in a time of 40:17. With this Mathaba claimed the overall Challenge title while Ferreira was crowned as the junior champion.

Adel Terblanche grabbed her fourth win on the trot in the ladies short course as she romped home in a time of 44:47 to be crowned the female champion of this year’s overall Challenge. Second across the line was Jeannie de Beer in a time of 49:32 with Elzani Smith taking third in 51:06.

It was an incredible four weeks in Gauteng and the growth of trail running in this area continues to astound us. A big thanks to all the runners who made this our biggest Series yet and to our amazing sponsors, Spur, BOS Sport, Protea Hotels and Graham Beck, who play a major part in the continued success of the Spur Trail Series™. 

We’ll be back in Gauteng in the summer, but for now it’s time to hit the Cape winter!

Spur Gauteng Winter Trail Series™ 2015 results

Long Course Championship
Open Men

  1. Edwin Sesipi
  2. Fidel Ncube
  3. Paul Davies 

Open Women

  1. Lerentia Strydom
  2. Robyn Claire Kaltenbrunn
  3. Nerissa van der Walt

Veteran Men 

  1. Frank Keinhofer
  2. Chris Dorfling
  3. Mark Phipson

Veteran Women

  1. Benita Kritzinger
  2. Ronel van Graan
  3. Heather Phipson

Master Men

  1. Deon Ollewagen
  2. Keith Hooper
  3. Hannes van Wyk

Master Women 

  1. Angie Dawson
  2. Lynda McCurrie
  3. Santie Kelsey

Short Course Challenge
Open Men

  1. Ryan Mathaba
  2. Werner Du Preez
  3. Mazu Ndandani 

Open Women

  1. Adel Terblanche
  2. Zoe Brentano 
  3. Jeannie De Beer

Veteran Men

  1. Craig Marshall
  2. Trevor Locker
  3. Patrick Mynhardt

Veteran Women

  1. Tanya Gibbs
  2. Marisa Marais
  3. Christel Fairlie

Master Men

  1. David Schlebusch
  2. Johnie Jonker
  3. Derek Brentano

Master Women

  1. Diane Schlebusch
  2. Helin Kuhn
  3. Karen Stander

Junior Boys

  1. Ezra Ferreira
  2. Daniel Rademan
  3. Connor Davies

Junior Girls

  1. Kayla Visagie
  2. Saskia Howie
  3. Abbygayle Janse van Vuuren


  1. Keegan Dally
  2. Caleb Rademan
  3. Daniel Ellis


  1. Stuart Phipson
  2. Tiaan Dorfling 
  3. Tenielle Swanepoel

Click here for full results and here for photos