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‘Ya, nee’ as the expression goes in Afrikaans.  That’s what we have all become used to in this new era of a viral pandemic.

And so it comes to be that Paul Cluver which was on, is now off.  Switched off by the powers that be that cannot ultimately wrap their heads around the concept on its own, COVID-19 compliant, merits. 

There is an event department in most municipalities, programmed for events and events only.  There is one script and don’t by any means attempt to reskin it in a way that makes it a non-event and therefore ‘Rona’ compliant. 

So we conclude: You can go to a mall with thousands of people.  You can go to a casino with hundreds of others.  You can go to an airport and fly.  You can get crammed in a taxi. But don’t for a second think you can book a time slot to run on a marked trail on private property, outdoors - and more than likely run entirely on your own. That would be logical, but who said logic had anything to do with it?

So it’s with huge regret that we have to accept that the rug has been pulled from under our carefully sculptured plans.  You will have to wait another who-knows-how-long for the once a year chance to run the beautiful Paul Cluver Estate, outside, in fresh air, far from the thousands of people in your local mall. 

And Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve & Kleinmond you ask?  Well, the only viable option left is for these events to follow the Phantom Rally model.  So, watch this space as we evolve the TSSL into the Phantom Rally ‘Countryside’. What is the Phantom Rally?

Your entry to Paul Cluver?  Please consider the following options:

  1. A credit for the entry amount that you can use when the time comes around again to put it towards a Super League, Phantom Rally or Mountain Challenge Series race.
  2. A full refund into your account. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding & ongoing support as we desperately try to negotiate this tumultuous time.

Virtual races are the new norm as a result of COVID-19, and probably will be for some time.  Unlike most of the plethora of general distance virtual races on offer, we want to get back to the core of competition which is a comparison of your time versus another over the same race course.  Introducing the Trail Series® Phantom Rally (TSPR): 

One race course per month
One virtual race course set per month (called a special stage) with three distances on offer and 30 days to set your best time (run as many times as you can).  There will be 12 race courses over the entire TSPR and all within the greater Cape Town area (we plan to roll this out in Gauteng as well, when possible).

Monthly launch
The next months stage detail will be launched on the 25th of each month giving you a few days to get prepared.  All entrants will be emailed the detailed rally notes, links to the downloadable GPS file, as well details of the free app used to track each attempt.    

Once you have completed the rally stage, you need to email or Whatsapp us the GPX file from either the free app used (details of this will be sent) OR from your own device for verification.  You will also need to send a selfie of yourself either just before or just after. We will verify your route and confirm your time.

Your verified stage time will confirm your place on the leaderboard.  If you run more than once, only your best time will reflect. Within the first five days of the following month, we will send the rally race results to Discovery.

Monthly spot prizes
Once the rally stage closes, all entrants will be entered into a lucky draw with fantastic prizes on offer from our sponsors.

Medals & rally collateral
There will be physical medals on offer for completing any one of the rally stages. Because of the cost of individual delivery, we have made this optional (select on entering).  Digital medals & certificates will be available together with the online results. We will have special Trail Series® Phantom Rally running tees, bluffs, facemasks and other merchansdise for optional purchase.

Under construction...
We are furiously busy with the modifications to the Trail Series® website and details of the first stage will be announced in due course.  If you haven't already, please join our Trail Series® Facebook Group or like our Facebook Page.

Pending alert level 3 lockdown
As we understand it right now, the TSPR is pending us reaching lockdown level 3.  We are hoping this will be by the end of May.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email to info@wildrunner.co.za or call 072 438 3242

Late last night most of us witnessed our President declaring a state of emergency in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic that is spreading like a wildfire throughout the world.  With this state of emergency came a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people, which has in effect put the events industry on its knees for the foreseeable future.

The big question in many people's minds right now is for how long this state of emergency will be in place.  The reality is we are in uncharted territory here and hence we have no idea how long it’s going to take to get on top of this outbreak.  We do know that 14 days is the stated incubation period of the COVID-19 virus, and we also know that schools will be closed at least until the end of the easter weekend.  

So with this in mind we are postponing the two events we have within this period, notably:

22 March 2020: TSSL#4 Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve 

      Postponed to 7 June 2020.

28 March 2020: WWF-SA Earth Hour Adventure (CPT & JHB)

      Postponement date TBC

What happens beyond the end of April is anyone's guess and hence we are not making any decisions on our events beyond this time frame.  More specifically, entries for Jonkershoek & Helderberg Mountain Challenge races will remain open.  

As we all collectively travel down this new and uncharted path we will just have to adapt as we go.  From our side, we will make sure we communicate with you timeously with respect to changes in our events calendar.  

What is most important now is that we all take heed of the preventative advice out there and first and foremost look after our loved ones.

Yours in trail running, 

Owen, Tam and the Wildrunner team