We are thrilled to have the greenlight to bring our running family back together in an authentic in-person racing experience once again. The first of our revised 2020 events is the Trail Series® Super League event at Paul Cluver on 11 October. That’s coming up fast, and you might have some questions. We’ve worked with all stakeholders and authorities to bring you a safe, enjoyable racing experience. And there will be no cardboard cutout fans, we promise!


Entries are PRE-ENTRY only, so please don't rock up on the day to enter. This is because every participant is required to complete a COVID-19 self screening form 48hrs before (more on this below).  Entries are also limited and currently available here

Entries will be open until 9am on Friday, 9th October.


There are five, one hour time slots to select from, starting from 6-7am and ending with 11-12pm. These slots will be available on a first come, first served basis and once full won't allow any further selection.  You need to arrive, park and enter the start sequence within this hour.  Within each hour there will be rolling starts.  NB if you want to start at 6, you need to arrive before then to go through registration!  


Every entrant will be emailed a COVID-19 self-screening form at 6am on Friday 9th October, 48hrs before the first start.  Every entrant is required by the current regulations to complete this prior to arrival.  


Your temperature will be checked in the parking area.  If your temperature is higher than 38ºC you will not be allowed to run.  Please maintain your social distancing skills during your time at Paul Cluver to the best of your ability.  You are not required to wear a mask while you are running, but it is required to be on when you arrive, during registration and right up until you have started the run. 


From 6am to 12pm there will be rolling batch starts.  When you arrive within your selected hour, you will collect your race number (unless you have one from the previous TSSL races this year already) and proceed to the start area where you will join a limited size batch and enter the start sequence.  So in other words, come from your car ready to run.  NB You will need to go through registration even if you already have your number, to record your attendance and so that you can be assigned to your start batch. 

That's it for now, further details will be sent to all entrants in the course of the week with what, where, how! We are really looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.

For any race enquiries, please check our website at www.trailseries.co.za or email info@wildrunner.co.za