YES! The fourth & fifth races in the 2020 TSSL at Paul Cluver & Oak Valley Estates have been rescheduled for 11th October and 15th November respectively, albeit presented in a somewhat different, COVID-19 alert level 1 compliant, way!

But outdoor events over 500 in capacity are not allowed?

Correct, which we are not running this is in a classic event style, but rather applying a COVID-19 adapted and approved strategy was that in it's simplest terms can be understood as an 'arrive and run' policy. 

More detail on how this will work will be communicated in due course to all entrants.

Will the three routes be marked?

Yes, properly marked in the tried and proven manner that all our 350+ events that we have run have been ;-)  The marked trails will be managed and someone is on standby should you go wrong en route.

When will this be available? 

Paul Cluver: The three race distances will be available for you to race on between 6am - 12pm on Sun 11th October.  You will need to book a time slot for one of the seven hours available.  Detail on how to book your slot will be communicated to all entrants.

Oak Valley: Provisionally (pending entries) the three race distances will be available for you to race on between 6am - 12pm on Sun 15th November.  You will need to book a time slot for one of the five hours available.  Detail on how to book your slot will be communicated to all entrants closer to the time.

Can I enter on the day?

Unfortunately not, both of these TSSL races will be pre entry only.  The reason for this is that the COVID-19 protocols require pre-event screening to be carried out with all entrants prior to arrival.

Will I be timed?

Yes.  We will have a system in place that will allow all entries to be timed individually.

Will there be medals?

Yes there will be medals for all finishers.

What about COVID-19 protocols? 

We will follow all COVID-19 protocols and would require you to do your bit as well by wearing a mask (at least on arrival, registration,  start/finish).  Once you are on course you will not be required to wear a mask, as per the current gazetted detail.   

Information on how the COVID-19 protocols will be implemented will be communicated to all entrants.

And safety out on route? 

We will have a support crew managing the marked trails, which includes a direct Wildrunner emergency contact number in case you get into trouble.  There will also be course managers placed in key areas to be of assistance if needed.  We will have medics in support at the start/finish.

Will there be any facilities?

There will be a trimmed down version of a race village providing the following facilities: 

  1. Portable toilets, cleaned on a regular schedule.
  2. Coffee: Cuppa Joe will be on station selling coffee.
  3. Food: We may or may not have a food vendor, so plan to bring your own post run snacks.
  4. Merch: Yes we will have a limited supply of merchandise on sale.
  5. Aid station:  there will be ONE self-help aid station on the XL route.  Details of this will be communicated to all XL runners.Other than toilets and the skeleton crew looking after the marked trails there will be no typical race village environment that you have come to enjoy at a typical Trail SeriesĀ® event.

Can I order wine?

Paul Cluver - You can order Paul Cluver wines over the weekend and it will be delivered to your door within the following week (due to current COVID-19 restrictions you cannot purchase alchohol from Sat-Sun).  The good news is (especially if you read all the way to the bottom as you have...) that if you use this coupon code #TSSL2020 when purchasing wine online on you will get a 10% discount (only available during the month of Oct 2020, minimum purchase of a case required).

Please take this once a year opportunity to run on these magnificent estates and order the best wine in the Elgin Valley! 

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