‘Ya, nee’ as the expression goes in Afrikaans.  That’s what we have all become used to in this new era of a viral pandemic.

And so it comes to be that Paul Cluver which was on, is now off.  Switched off by the powers that be that cannot ultimately wrap their heads around the concept on its own, COVID-19 compliant, merits. 

There is an event department in most municipalities, programmed for events and events only.  There is one script and don’t by any means attempt to reskin it in a way that makes it a non-event and therefore ‘Rona’ compliant. 

So we conclude: You can go to a mall with thousands of people.  You can go to a casino with hundreds of others.  You can go to an airport and fly.  You can get crammed in a taxi. But don’t for a second think you can book a time slot to run on a marked trail on private property, outdoors - and more than likely run entirely on your own. That would be logical, but who said logic had anything to do with it?

So it’s with huge regret that we have to accept that the rug has been pulled from under our carefully sculptured plans.  You will have to wait another who-knows-how-long for the once a year chance to run the beautiful Paul Cluver Estate, outside, in fresh air, far from the thousands of people in your local mall. 

And Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve & Kleinmond you ask?  Well, the only viable option left is for these events to follow the Phantom Rally model.  So, watch this space as we evolve the TSSL into the Phantom Rally ‘Countryside’. What is the Phantom Rally?

Your entry to Paul Cluver?  Please consider the following options:

  1. A credit for the entry amount that you can use when the time comes around again to put it towards a Super League, Phantom Rally or Mountain Challenge Series race.
  2. A full refund into your account. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding & ongoing support as we desperately try to negotiate this tumultuous time.