A full album of the #HMC2018 images now up on our Mountain Challenge Series Facebook page. Like this cracker by @marksampsonct 🔥 #GoAboveAndBeyond They say it takes a village to raise a child. So what does it take to organise a mountain challenge? This crew, and a few. Thanks all runners, crew, suppliers, volunteers and sponsors. Helderberg Mountain Challenge is a wrap for 2018
@bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza @steenberg_farm @saggystone Sun's out! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Back of the 15km race is a happy place! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond #sweeps Heavy cloud pulling in at the top of the mountain but good warm vibes at the finish line. Beer by @saggystone going down! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond That finish line feeling 😊 #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Our 24km winner today. Robert Rorich takes it in 3h 12min. Can we just highlight that he ran the @whaleoftrail YESTERDAY! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond @bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza Defending his 2017 title, Robert Rorich heading towards the finish line now #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond @bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza First woman in the 11km is Hanja Bardenhorst! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Jaco Loots wins the 11km! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Well run @step.hen_mill and @hayleypreen first man and woman across the line in the 15km with Roger Dickson between them. All three came in one after each other. Hayley has smashed the women's record🔥 #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Full gas to the finish. @hayleypreen is still first woman and third overall #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond

Trail gear

Some trail running events require compulsory gear that may include space blankets, super glue and a whole range of other things.

The Trail Series® does not require any of these specialised items but a few basics are required.

We suggest the following:

  • Trail running shoes
  • Hydration pack with space for at least 800ml
  • Whistle
  • Sunscreen
  • Windbreaker
  • Cell phone in a waterproof container (a ziplock will work)
  • Headlamp (for any Sunset or Night Race)

You can find all of these at the Trail Store at any Trail Series® race as well as a range of other cool trail running gear. Also be sure to check out Trail Series® product sponsor, Raidlight South Africa, they have a variety of hydration packs and other technical gear and will be at all Cape and Gauteng Trail Series® races with an expert in trail running to give you tips on everything you need. Their backpacks will be on sale at all of these events or online during entry.