fbpx Trail Series Super League | Frequently asked questions FAQ


The difference between the TSSL and Phantom Rally?

Well the primary difference is that the TSSL are physical events on specific days, and the Phantom Rally is 'virtual' in nature with 30 days to set your fastest time.

Do I need a fancy GPS device for the Phantom Rally?

No you do not, only a smartphone.  Information on the IOS and Android apps we recomend to use  CLICK HERE

What is a GPX file and why is this only used to verify my Phantom Rally stage attempt?

It's complicated, but essentially a GPX is the raw, unprocessed GPS data.  The likes of Strava and the miriad of devices that have GPS tracking functionality simply use this raw data to present an intepretation to you, depending somewhat on how you set your device up (for example run time vs total time).  Because this competition is based on total time and not run time, we rely on the actual GPX data to give us the exact info we need to verify your time from start to finish.

What's the benefit of entering the TSSL upfront?

Well firstly you get a sponsored TSSL running tee from Boldgear worth R295.  Second you have only one registration to do (pre-registration or first race), there after you just rock up and run.  

Your race number you keep for the whole TSSL, same for your timing chip.

Easy & convenient!


Do I need to be a member of an athletics club and wear club colours?

No. Wear what you want. We prefer rhino suits.

Is there a cut-off time?

The long and short courses do not have cut-off times. Some of the XL’s do though. Please check the specific event information to make sure.

Do I need a timing chip?

If you enter the whole TSSL you will receive a timing chip.  If not then you will receive one per race.

Are there medals?

There are medals given for every race and special comemorative medals for finishing all seven races in the TSSL.

Are there water stations?

For the XL routes we provide a single water station. 

There are a number of reasons why you won’t find a water stations on the long or short courses at the TSSL.  First and foremost trail running in its essence means being self-sufficient.  So get in the spirit of trail running and carry your own. 

Take only photographs and leave only footprints is a saying we take seriously and we pride ourselves on leaving our venues in the same (or a better) state than what we found them.

Is there water available at the start venue?

If there is not a tap available we will make sure there will be jerry cans with water but this could run out if it’s a really hot day or if people drink more than anticipated. Please bring your own supply of water to make sure you keep hydrated.

Why is trail running so expensive? You don’t even need road marshals.

In trail running events, there are many obvious costs – like venue and conservation fees for the locations that we run in – but also many hidden costs that participants aren’t aware of.  For example did you know that the likes of Cape Nature charge over R80 per person? 

The logistics are complicated and risks high when organising a trail run. We need communication specialists in areas that have little or no cellphone coverage, mountain fit medics and environmental monitors to name but a few. We also required by the venues and the municipality to have comprehensive insurance.

One of the biggest factors to the cost is the limited entry.  Operational costs are divied up by the number of entrants.  More entrants, less cost per person.  We don't get big fields in trail running (thankfully) which is one of the things that makes it special. 

Further to this, because the number of entries are limited in trail running, sponsors are extremely limited. The higher the number of participants in an event, the more sponsors want to become involved and the lower the cost per runner becomes. 

Do you limit entries?

In many of the areas that we run in, we are told by authorities such as SANParks or property owners how many runners we are allowed to have on the routes. These numbers are determined by environmental factors such as erosion and rehabilitation and for the most part we cannot control these measures.

However, the beauty of trail running is running in wide open spaces and an awfully congested route won’t be fun for anyone, so we also take the amount of single track into consideration when deciding how many runners to apply for.

Do I need any compulsory gear?

For the most part no.  But we highly recommend you carry at least a fully charged mobile phone, 500ml water, a windbreaker and a whistle.

XL runners may require depending on the weather prediction.  This will be communicated in advance.

If I enter the TSSL must I keep my number?

Yes! If you entered the whole TSSL then you will receive a race number and timing chip for the whole series.  If you loose this then you will be paying for a replacement.

What do I do if I lose my race number?

Come to the registration table on race day and we’ll write your number on your arm. Make sure the timers capture it when you cross the finish line!
Alternatively, you can make your own race number so you can be entered into the lucky draw after the race. However, make sure it's the correct number by checking results from previous races in the current Series.

Why can’t I change my batch?

Your number is linked to your batch and you’ll therefore also require a new number if you change your batch. Unfortunately, the cost of numbers and the cost of crew, means it is inefficient to change batches and numbers at every race. Please make sure you select the right batch when you enter.

Why do categories only get prizes for the Series and not for every race?

After discussions with regular winners and our sponsors we realised that the prizes were losing value as winners would receive four similar prizes in every Series. We decided to place the focus on Series winners instead and make these prizes much cooler than the usual race category prizes were.

We still recognise category winners at each race by calling them up to the podium but category winners will only receive a prize if they place in the top three in their particular category in the Series. The top three across the line at each race do still receive prizes in the form of gift vouchers from our sponsors.

Why do you not split junior categories into male and female?

We have a minimum rule of 5 that applies to categories, including gender split.  If there are more than five of each gender then the category will be split into make and female.  If not then both boys and girls will run together in one category and should the girl come third then she will be on podium.  This applies to both race and the overall TSSL.

Why do I need to be at the race so early if I haven’t pre-entered online?

The timing system we use is greatly dependent on valid runner information.

Your race number is linked to your personal information and if this is not correct you will not show up on the results. For this reason, we need to make sure that all runner data is correct before the race starts.

There are usually a number of on-the-day entries and we need to allow ourselves enough time to get all the relevant data onto our timing system. If all on-the-day entries arrive 10 minutes before the race starts we will not be able to do this so we need to make sure everyone is there early.

If you don't want to have any of these hassles, the best option is to enter online.

Where are my results?

Results will usually be online right here on the day after the race.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. Please email us up to four days before the race at info@wildrunner.co.za to inform us of this and we’ll help you through the process. Alternatively, you can do it on the day of the race but you need to do this 45 minutes before the start of the first race.

What is the Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of the industry we are not required to refund entries other than for hospitalisation or death. However, refund requests will be dealt with on their own merits depending on length of notice of written cancellation received before the event and our ability to secure payment from another participant from the waiting list. Please note that we may charge a reasonable cancellation fee if the refund request is approved. Any refunds made will be paid within 30 calendar days.