Waiting for a sign to enter the 2018 Gauteng Summer Trail Series®? ☝️Here it is! Online entries close 12 noon on Wednesday 17 October
#GSTS2018 kicks off this Sunday with what has become known as ONE WEEK until Gauteng Summer Trail Series® online entries close! Are you in for the Hennops Beast on 21 October? Entry link in bio. Coming in hot 🔥 this series will be a celebration of summer like no other! #GSTS2018 #Unleashyourwildstride @raidlightza @steenberg_farm @jaybirdsport The Marloth race report is up! Link in bio 📸 @marksampsonct #goaboveandbeyond @bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza @steenberg_farm Monday... huh. We are in the process of editing, sorting and loading your Marloth 2018 images to our MCS website and Facebook page. Hang in there, these shots are a cure for the #mondayblues .
📸 @alanvangysen That's a wrap for 2018. With sincere thanks to title sponsor @bos_sport and presenting sponsor @jaybirdsport as well as @raidlightza and @steenberg_farm and the brilliant volunteers and crew. See you rock lovers again in 2019. Keep it real #MCS2018 #goaboveandbeyond When you just make cut off #hero #goaboveandbeyond #finishlinetears #MMC2018 11:58:12 You did it Eben 🔥 Hand carved falcons for each finisher in the MMC Ultra Series @bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza @steenberg_farm #goaboveandbeyond And the #MMC2018 55km women's champs! #goaboveandbeyond Your #MMC2018 55km men's champs! #goaboveandbeyond We go further together. Team work for this crew. 55km done, 50 minutes until cut off #MMC2018 #goaboveandbeyond The face of an ultra runner tells so many stories. Last of the 55km runners coming in just over 11 hours since they left this line #MMC2018 #goaboveandbeyond Camille Oliante rounds out the women's 55km podium today 🔥 #MMC2018 #goaboveandbeyond

What is the Trail Series®

The Trail Series® was launched in January 2008 with the Cape Summer Trail Series® and only 252 runners. In 2014, 17 576 runners took part in the Spur Trail Series® across South Africa, making this one of the most popular trail running events and the only national, short course trail running series in the country.

If you’ve never run on a trail before, you’ve come to the right place and if you’re a qualified mountain goat you’re also welcome. This is a great place to be introduced to the sport of trail running and an even better place to do that all important speed training as you take on some of the most talented trail runners in South Africa.

How does it work?

Each Trail Series® consists of four long (Championship) and four short courses (Challenge) and runners only receive a medal if they complete the Series. To complete the Series, you have to run at least three long courses or three short courses. If you run all four, your three best times will be used when determining results. Click here for more information on the scoring system. If you run two long courses and two short courses, you do not qualify as a Series finisher and will not receive a medal.

However, if you only want to run one or two of the races and can’t complete the entire Series you’re welcome to enter on a race-by-race basis. Everyone’s welcome, but you won’t receive a medal if you do not complete the Series.

Series scoring system

  • Series results are determined by a scoring system where runners' get points according to the position they finish in each race.
  • First position gets one point, second position gets two points, third position gets three points etc. At the end of the Series the runner with the lowest number of points wins.
  • Only your three best results for the Series are taken into account, with the slowest time discarded.
  • When two runners end up on the same points total, we calculate your overall running time across races that both runners have run. I.e. if runner A ran races 1, 2 and 3 and runner B ran races 2, 3 and 4, we will only compare their finish times from races 2 and 3 as we can only compare head to head races on the same course. The reason for this is because no two trail races are the same and we have to compare apples with apples.

Prizes and prize money

Prize money is only awarded to the top three runners in each Championship (long course) category for the overall Series:

  • 1st Senior male and female (each) R700
  • 1st Veteran male and female (each) R600
  • 1st Master male and female (each) R500

Prizes will be given per race for the first three runners over the line and also for the first three junior, minimee and peewee runners. Other category winners in both the Championship and the Challenge, will only receive prizes for placing in the top three in the overall Series. You will be called up to the podium at every race though as a token of recognition. Prizes will be awarded to the series winners at the final event in the series.

No prizes will be posted or kept aside to be collected at another time unless arranged directly with the registration manager on the day of the race, or in the case of the overall Series ahead of the final race.