A full album of the #HMC2018 images now up on our Mountain Challenge Series Facebook page. Like this cracker by @marksampsonct 🔥 #GoAboveAndBeyond They say it takes a village to raise a child. So what does it take to organise a mountain challenge? This crew, and a few. Thanks all runners, crew, suppliers, volunteers and sponsors. Helderberg Mountain Challenge is a wrap for 2018
@bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza @steenberg_farm @saggystone Sun's out! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Back of the 15km race is a happy place! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond #sweeps Heavy cloud pulling in at the top of the mountain but good warm vibes at the finish line. Beer by @saggystone going down! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond That finish line feeling 😊 #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Our 24km winner today. Robert Rorich takes it in 3h 12min. Can we just highlight that he ran the @whaleoftrail YESTERDAY! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond @bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza Defending his 2017 title, Robert Rorich heading towards the finish line now #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond @bos_sport @jaybirdsport @raidlightza First woman in the 11km is Hanja Bardenhorst! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Jaco Loots wins the 11km! #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Well run @step.hen_mill and @hayleypreen first man and woman across the line in the 15km with Roger Dickson between them. All three came in one after each other. Hayley has smashed the women's record🔥 #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond Full gas to the finish. @hayleypreen is still first woman and third overall #HMC2018 #GoAboveAndBeyond

Join the team

We always need friendly, helpful, morning people to work at Trail Series® events.

Please note, most of the events take place in remote areas and usually early morning or late evening. You will need your own transport and need to be comfortable driving in the dark.

What the job entails:

There are two different types of jobs at each race…

Merchandise would involve the selling and stock-taking of our trail store and managing that process.

Registration would involve finding race numbers for runners, helping with back up timing and general race queries.

After every race, each person will be breaking down the event. This includes breaking down the merchandise stand, registration stand, banners etc. The more we work together on this the faster it is done.

We would need full commitment from you for all of the races as we cannot re-train someone during the series.

If you’re looking for part time work, please get in touch at info@wildrunner.co.za. It can be tough work with the early mornings, but the event itself is a lot of fun! So, if you are an enthusiastic and happy person we want you on board!